Valentines Day

To all a Happy Valentines Day :D!

O.M.G: 6 days no school + karneval!! yay!!!^^ I'm going to put new pictures on my homepage soon...

whats new: more links --> funny und neue nicknames -->The Girl

14.2.07 21:28


Now it's february!! and karneval is coming!!! I'm going to put some new pics on the hp in the next few days! please write sumthing nice in my guestbook k?!! thx!
1.2.07 22:21

New Layout!

I finally found a layout for my homepage (yay)!! It still doesn't have a lot to offer but i'll work on that now ;D! see ya!
25.1.07 20:29


hey! I've worked a little more on my homepage now and the friendz-site is almost done now! =)! thx ata for helping mee!
13.1.07 14:01

My new home page

hi guyzz! This is my new homepage!!! (yay!) I haven't found the time to work on it yet but i'll do my best to get it done very soon k? luv ya!!
3.1.07 22:44

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