Rhein In Flammen :D

Rhein In Flammen war sooooooowwww GEIL!!! :D Ich war da mit ata, aline und tomek.

Aline und ich haben uns zwar etwas blamiert (zu viel getrunekn xD) aber es war richtig Lustig mit euch^^!!

Und wir haben dann die ganze Nacht gechiLLt .... am U-bahnhof haha ^^


6.5.07 14:44

Aline+Me in Köln

14.o4.2oo7 We went to Köln for shopping but we didn't find anything! but it was fun anyway : watch the video ^^

Aline + Almud In Köln


15.4.07 20:48


As I said before we went to the rheinaue! Me, Darjan, Aline and my dog^^ Here is the video(Darjan wrote my name wrong! Almud not Alumd!!!!):


xoxo kizz!

3.4.07 11:03

April o7

April!! The weather was soo great today!!! I went to the Rheinaue with Aline and Darjan today! It was so much fun..^^! Darjan is going to make a video about it and i'm going to put the link here!! Tomorrow I'm going to visit ana in Düsseldorf for a few days...! Holyday is freakin' great!!!

Take care


2.4.07 22:16

March o7!!^^

It's March now!! On the 6th I have to go to the dentist and on the same day I have to write a german exam. On the 12th is my Names-Day^^ and on the 14th my cousins Birthday! I think he is going to turn 9!^^ xoxo luv u guyz!
2.3.07 19:08

What HairColor?

What Color should I dye My Hair? I'm soo Clueless... I could Dye ist either Brown, Dark-Brown, Gold-Blond, or Orange (in a natural way)...

luv ya +kizz

26.2.07 20:13

all over

Karneval was pretty cool! I went to bonn on monday with Ana (i was a ladybug and she was a cat )! And we saw Part Six without realizing it haha! I thought they were just disguised as them omg...! We had a great time ^^

2morrow school... I don''t really wanna go but i guess i'll have to.

Whats New: new pics : me+ana...xD

well luv yaa all!!

20.2.07 17:43

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